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We partner with you - in-person or virtually- to realize new and improved snack food products and processes.

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Test new processes on our mixing, forming, baking, and drying equipment
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Our Innovation Center isn't just an equipment testing or demonstration facility. We work with you as one team to meet and exceed your product development goals.
To better support our customers, we now offer In-Person and Virtual Trials at the Science & Innovation Center.


Collaborate discreetly with us to:

  • Develop new processes
  • Validate new ingredients
  • Conduct shelf-life studies
  • Test new machinery and processing techniques
  • Research profitable innovations in mixing, forming, baking and drying
  • Produce market samples for evaluation and testing

Partnering with you

At the Science & Innovation Center, a unique spirit of collaboration blurs the line between our team and yours. Goals and challenges are shared, and problems worked out together, so that you leave with confidence that you are bringing the right product to market and taking advantage of the latest technologies to make your commercial scale operation as efficient as possible.

The Innovation Center includes all the process equipment needed to duplicate conditions you might encounter in full-scale production. Large commerical manufacturers find that using the RBS Innovation Center for R&D is an easier, faster and less expensive way to develop new products. The pilot sized lines allow you to use less ingredients and run multiple batches quickly, compared to doing R&D on a full production line at your plant.  The Innovation Center is the best possible way to ensure a successful manufacturing process and gain the confidence of all members of your development team


Perfecting your products and your process

With complete process lines for making baked snacks, pretzels, chips, crackers, cookies and many other food products, the Innovation Center allows you to test a variety of batch and continuous mixing concepts, forming and baking processes.


You also have access to the Reading Thermal SCORPION® 2 Data Logging Measurement System to measure and record conditions in the processing oven. This allows you to benchmark data and duplicate it on the ovens at your facility.


We reduce your purchasing risk by proving that we can make the products or process that you envision on our pilot scale systems.